Friday, 22 August 2014

.postcard from Canberra.

With only two weeks left until I return to Perth I had a bit of a panic that maybe I hadn't done everything that I could have done, that I hadn't taken enough photos, been to enough places. But looking through all my photos I realised that I really had lived my time over here to the absolute fullest. There is nothing I regret, nothing that I wish I had done but hadn't. Moving here, I was looking for adventure and just... more. More exploring, more new things, more new people and places. More happiness. And I found it all. Which makes returning to Perth so much more exciting now. 

I also realised that people really underestimate Canberra. They think its boring, that there is nothing to do. But life is what you make it, and adventure can be found anywhere. So I thought I would share some of my photos so far, so other people could see just how beautiful Canberra is. And hopefully it will inspire someone else to get out of their comfort zone, to seek the beauty in life, and to live to the fullest.

one and two-the tree lined streets of Kingston// three-amazing sunsets// four-Poacher's Pantry// five and six-National Botanic Gardens// seven-Commonwealth Park// eight-Lake Burley Griffin// nine-fairy floss sunsets// ten-Parliament House// eleven and twelve-National Arboretum// thirteen-watching the sun rise// fourteen-views from the Australian War Memorial

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